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BA festival becomes green and cups info
Scritto da Administrator   
Sabato 03 Agosto 2013 14:40

BA festival becomes green and cups info

It is  also our pleasure to announce that BA festival becomes green! This year we bring another novelty again, concretely ArecaGoodPlates which are natural and high duality disposable plates made from fallen dried leaves of Areca palm tree. At this moment a big container from India is arriving to Josefov and you can already look forward to this original stuff which will be a part of  the equipment of all refreshment kiosks at the festival.

We also continue in separated waste program and also in the refundable cups system. This year the advance deposit for 1 BA cup will be 1,5 coupon (45,- Czk).

Few line-up details published

On the grounds of your comments we have decided to rearrange playing times of few bands to not overlap with those silmilar in genre.  We believe these changes will make your stay at BA more pleasant. Thank you, guys, for your factual remarks.

Namely it goes for ambiguity of double occurence of Novembers Doom on our list. You have to know that these doom pioneers will really play twice, on Thurs at Metalshop stage and then there will be their accoustic performance on Fri at Obscure stage.  We have been also forced, due to a partial line-up share in In Vain and Solefald, to switch Solefald and Aborym, whose live set has been modified. US death metal commando Skeletal Remains has been finally put on the list on Thurs at Obscure stage. The programme should be actual right now.